Why Should You Choose MortgageBanc?

  • Local Service with national power – due to MortgageBanc’s unique alliance with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation you get the best of both worlds. A local company with mortgage planners that can meet face to face plus all the power of a national company.
  • In-house underwriting – allowing for maximum control over the entire financial process.
  • Cut out the middle man – with a direct lender to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and many other national investors.
  • A multitude of mortgage products – including FHA, VA, Alabama Housing and many others.
  • Local appraisal board – ensuring that your home is appraised by someone who knows and understands the values unique to your area.
  • Competitive interest rates – our wide variety of programs and investors allows us to offer you the best interest rates to fit your needs.
  • Certified Pre-Approval – Click Here to Learn More

At MortgageBanc, our goal is to be the lender of choice. We want to be recognized by our clients and referral sources as their most valued and trusted professional. We are proud of our core values:

  • Humility first
  • Foster growth & knowledge
  • Have fun
  • Create an amazing experience for you
  • Speed to respond
  • Seek wise counsel
  • Respect, listen and stay balanced
  • Committed to serve
  • Consistent, honest communication
  • Family focused

Through our services, we impact people on a different level because we truly focus on the heart of what really matters to them. To us, they are more than clients or employees. They are our friends, families and partners that help us fulfill our needs as much as we help them fulfill theirs.

MorgageBanc has grown into an  exciting, dynamic company.  We continue to recruit high quality employees and strive to achieve a high level of employee satisfaction, with productivity levels at a maximum and our employee turnover at minimum.  We support and encourage our employees as they attain their professionals and personal goals.  We facilitate a team environment that works well with our customers, with management, with support personnel and with each other.

To become a leader in the highly competitive mortgage lending industry, a company must deliver excellence in all areas.  The personnel must be committed to customer service, be accessible and courteous, and have an extensive knowledge of mortgage options.  The loan selection must be extensive.  The pricing must be competitive.  We are archiving this by using state-of-the-art comprehensive automated mortgage systems, dynamic marketing and advertising campaigns, and hiring the best employees available.